Mother Nature's Answer to Smelly Litter Boxes

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Great Cat Litter and Aquarium Ammonia Remover

By catskat

We own Living Safari Pet Store in Utah and we have two cats that live in the store and two cats at home. This product captures all ammonia odor and waste order so effectively you'll be amazed. You can use it as an additive or use it straight depending on your need. We have the stinkiest cat on the planet at home and now you would never know she is there, except when it is time to change the box. The granular size is excellent for sifting.

There is NO other product like it available. We even use it in our aquarium filtration systems for ammonia removal in the water.

Great for Rat Cages Too!

By Mark Wilkinson

I put about 1/16" of Eco-Wise underneath the wood shavings in my rat's cage. It helps enormously with the urine smell. Because it is pure and simply just a mineral, it is completely non-toxic to the rats (and to the landfill). Regular cat litter is not something I'd use in my rat's cage; they often have chemical additives and what what clumping ones might do if ingested. Eco-Wise is non-clumping.

I cannot comment on its use with cats, because my cat always did his business outside. (He's since passed, *sniff*.)

I'm very excited that Eco-Wise is now available on Amazon. It is a hard product to find in stores! I always had to call the company when I wanted to buy it.

Best cat litter out there!

By JRae

We used Eco-Wise with our 40 pound cat and absolutely loved it! Right when we started using it there wasn't a smell at all. I love that it's 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly, & made in the USA. If you hate the smell of cat litter and all that comes with it as much as I do - this is your product! I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to get rid of any pet smell!