Mother Nature's Answer to Smelly Litter Boxes

Our History

Z-Olite Inc. was incorporated as a Utah S Corporation in January, 2003 by Casey Hatch and Mike Hatch to enable the sales of zeolite clinoptilolite (zeolite) to save water and fertilizer in sod applications.

Since then, Z-Olite Inc. has expanded its sales to three main markets to increase sales revenue, namely odor control, environmental resource management and agriculture.

Casey Hatch

Casey is a cofounder and COO of Z-Olite Inc. He studied physics and welding engineering at Utah State University (USU). Casey designed and manufactured the current production facility that is in use in Bancroft, ID.

Mike Hatch

Mike is a cofounder and President of Z-Olite Inc. Mike received his BS from USU in Political Science and Economics and his MS from University of Utah in Political Science with minors in Economics and Law. Mike has always been self-employed, whether it was on the family farm or other endeavors. He has been integrally involved in numerous ventures from manufacturing to environmental cleanup. Through all of these business opportunities Mike has learned valuable financial, organizational, and relationship skills that make him a virtual trove of business knowledge.